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Team Corona Busters - Sewing and distributing face masks in response to the spread of COVID-19.

Volunteer of the Week

Congratulations to Cecile Notzka, Global Team Corona Busters extraordinary “Volunteer of the Week.” Why do you volunteer for Team Corona Busters? I started making masks for this group because it was something I could do to help in a helpless time of our lives. I realized this is something I could control (my sewing) even…
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August 4, 2020 0

National Camera Day Contest

It’s a contest! This June 29, 2020 is National Camera Day. Global Team Corona Busters wants you to wear your face mask,  and take an extraordinary photo. One photo will be declared a winner and that individual will receive a limited edition face mask from Global Team Corona Busters.   What you need to know:…
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June 25, 2020 0

Tuesday 04/14/20

Thank you for the generous gift of fabrics and thread from Superbuzzy! Elle and I will be making pediatric oncology patient masks today. We made a prototype after crafting a 100 adult masks yesterday and after much discussion we are ready to go. It’s more difficult without a child to test on! Its great to…
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April 14, 2020 0

Sunday 04/12/20

We are very proud of our member base. In addition to members in the United States, our base reaches out to 17 other countries including Barbados, Belgium, Canada, Colombia, Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Serbia, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, and Tonga. A warm welcome to all of our international members.

April 12, 2020 0

Friday 04/10/20

Busy day with many drop offs and deliveries. Running smoothly, volunteers were treated to Starbucks drinks gifted from a fan. Very nice. Planning next stages over dinner with my shelter in place partners Eleanor and Dennis. We are set and prepped for a big day tomorrow. Sewing for 3 weeks today! Hey happy 3 week anniversary to us! 

April 10, 2020 0

Tuesday 04/07/20

I asked my husband, that night after my first day of sewing 3/20…. will we know someone that will die?He said yes. He was right. I’ve been sewing with my daughter Eleanor, sometimes frantically, always pushing, for 18 days now. Thinking, breathing , doing, feeling. Must make masks must save lives. Wake up, start again.…
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April 9, 2020 0

Monday 04/06/20

Over 400 masks put into hands of nurses before shifts just tonight.

April 7, 2020 0

Sunday 04/05/20

Nurses love our masks! They typically wear them for their shift and place them over their N95 masks. They take the face masks home and wash them with their scrubs. Now that some hospitals are only giving their nurses one N95 mask, asking them to “clean” them, reuse them for 2 to 5 shifts –…
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April 7, 2020 0

Saturday 04/04/20

Nice work team!Over 100 masks sent to Los Robles Hospital in Thousand Oaks, CA by 1:30 pm today. At least 200 more going to Ventura County Medical Center and St. John’s. Today!!!!

April 4, 2020 2

Friday 04/03/20

President Trump said Friday the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now recommends that people wear cloth or fabric face coverings, which can be made at home, when entering public spaces such as grocery stores and public transit stations. It is mainly to prevent those people who have the virus — and might not know it —…
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April 3, 2020 0