Volunteer of the Week Carol Jenks

Team Corona Busters - Sewing and distributing face masks in response to the spread of COVID-19.

Volunteer of the Week Carol Jenks

August 8, 2020 Blog Posts 1
Congratulations to Carol Jenks

Congratulations to Carol Jenks Global Team Corona Busters extraordinary "Volunteer of the Week."

Why do you volunteer for Team Corona Busters?

I saw this group online and I love to help others. Masks were needed and I love to sew! I talked with Sheri and decided I wanted to work with her to save lives 1 mask at a time.
Tell us a funny fact about yourself.
My sewing life has mostly been in unique fields. Tents in a factory, formal wear, and costumes! What a funny mix!

Tell us about your pets, partner and what city do you live in.

I’m married to Tom. We live in Ventura.
We have a Westie dog, JoJo ! And a mixed breed silky terrier, French bulldog rescue Yoda! 
Estimate of number of masks ironed.
I have made mega amounts of masks or parts of masks! I love my new friends!! Such lifesavers and such a lifeline when shut off from all normal activities!

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  1. Carol Jenks says:

    Wow what an honor, thank you!!

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