Volunteer of the Week Jodi Heath

Team Corona Busters - Sewing and distributing face masks in response to the spread of COVID-19.

Volunteer of the Week Jodi Heath

August 26, 2020 Blog Posts 0
Jodi Heath

Congratulations to Jodi Heath Global Team Corona Busters extraordinary "Volunteer of the Week."

Why do you volunteer for Team Corona Busters?

I make masks, because after making an original GoFundMe donation [to Team Corona Busters,] I received a thank you from Sheri, with a follow up of “can you help?”  I hadn’t touched a sewing machine in over 22 years, no problem Sheri had one to lend!  This happened just prior to the COVID-19 California lock down, and by the time we were ordered to stay home, I had purchased my own machine and transformed my bedroom into a sewing center ( 6 foot cutting table, ironing area on top of the dog crate, old clunky sewing cabinet that takes up my entire window, and a mini TV to watch my Netflix). It is the ultimate mask making set-up where I can work for hours.
Tell us a funny fact about yourself.
I am soooo not funny, that when I try to be funny and miss the mark, my kids call me “adorkable” – that’s an adorable dork.

Tell us about your pets, partner and what city do you live in.

I live on Ojai on 4 acres with my dog Yoni who is a teenage girl Queensland Heeler.

Estimate of number of masks ironed.

I’ve lost track of the number of masks I’ve made, but from my yardage receipts I tried to calculate it out –  and believe it’s in the range of 1,600 plus special requests. I am thrilled when I see one of my masks being used! 

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