Volunteer of the Week Milissa Ospina

Team Corona Busters - Sewing and distributing face masks in response to the spread of COVID-19.

Volunteer of the Week Milissa Ospina

September 17, 2020 Blog Posts 0
Milissa Ospina

Congratulations to Milissa Ospina, Global Team Corona Busters extraordinary "Volunteer of the Week."

Why do you volunteer for Team Corona Busters?

I make masks for TCB because I like to jump in and help where help is needed. I believe that everybody has a right to protect their health in every way possible.

Tell us a funny fact about yourself.

I think a funny fact about me would be that I like to spend more time with animals than I do with people.Tell us about your pets, partner and what city do you live in.
Tell us about your pets, partner and what city do you live in.

I have many pets. I live on a ranch. I breed baby chicks. I have four cats and one of our cats raised a baby squirrel. The squirrel nursed and was raised with the kittens. Her name is Eugene and she is 5 years old. I also have two dogs. The cat’s names are Felix, Sable, Maple and Downey. The dog’s names are Bear – a German shepherd, and Bailey -a little poodle mix. All the chickens, baby chicks, and roosters do not have names. I live in Simi Valley.

Estimate of number of masks ironed.

I have no idea how many masks have been made. [Editor’s Note: Milissa is the team leader in Simi Valley, California. Her group has created thousands of masks.)

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