Volunteer of the Week Su Valencia

Team Corona Busters - Sewing and distributing face masks in response to the spread of COVID-19.

Volunteer of the Week Su Valencia

August 8, 2020 Blog Posts 0
Congratulations to Su Valencia

Congratulations to Su Valencia, Global Team Corona Busters extraordinary "Volunteer of the Week."

Why do you volunteer for Team Corona Busters?

I’d like to think that  in some way making masks is contributing to saving a life from having to endure the pain and devastation that COVID-19 has caused to so many people and families. 

Tell us a funny fact about yourself.

I keep telling everybody I’m going to stop drinking Dr. pepper, I just haven’t told them what year? Hahaha

Tell us about your pets, partner and what city do you live in.

I currently live with mom in the city of Oxnard. My brothers and sisters nominated me to be her caretaker and with honor I stepped up to the plate.  I have two cats Calcifer and Lucifer who keep me busy.

Estimate of number of masks ironed.
Hundreds (if not more than a thousand).
How many miles have your driven for Team Corona Busters?
I’ve driven plenty of miles, but I feel like it isn’t enough. I will continue to drive until we BUST this corona.


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